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Are you looking for a cheap phone plan but don't want to give up your smart phone? Your prayers have been answered! Straight Talk is a phone service that offers you all the options of other mobile phone companies without breaking the bank.Straight Talk is a service from TracFone, America's largest no contract cell phone provider. They offer phones from the leading manufacturers, including Motorola, Nokia, LG and Samsung, with all styles, including camera, flip, slider and smart phonesBest thing is with Straight Talk, there's no need for a contract! You sign up with a plan, but when life happens you can end your phone service without penalty.Check out Straight Talk today and find a phone perfect for you, and don't forget to take advantage of Definitive Deals and their Straight Talk coupons and coupon codes.

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Get the iPhone 5 at Straight Talk

Pair the iPhone 5 with the $45 unlimited everything plan  

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About Straight Talk

If you’re heading to college this year, you may notice your back to school list is a lot different than before. College students have more supplies to worry about, especially if living on campus. Before you pack your bags, check out our list of the top 10 must-haves for college bound students, that you may have left off your list…

1. Mattress Pad – Dorm beds are nothing like the mattresses you’re used to sleeping on. Do yourself a favor and invest in a comfortable mattress pad before you start school. Good rest keeps you functioning well, so you’re bound to succeed more in college if you can ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

2. Earplugs/Headphones – This may not seem like an essential, but you’ll be grateful you packed these when you’re trying to block out your roommate’s Trueblood marathon while pulling an all-nighter studying.

3. Closet Storage Items – This includes hangers, hanging shoe storage, and additional hanging storage. Why all the hanging items? You’re not going to have much room in your closet, so finding vertical storage solutions will help you get the most out of your closet.

4. Bed Risers – Since dorm room storage is minimal, investing in bed risers is an absolute must for college students. Lifting your bed off of the ground will create tons of extra space to store clothes, books, luggage, or anything else that’s cluttering up your room.

5. Alarm Clock – Sure, phones all have alarm clocks, but what happens if you lose your charger or your phone breaks? Invest in a simple alarm clock to make sure you’re always on time to class. Best of all, you’ll be able to see what time it is, no matter what you’re doing, ensuring you’re never late.

6. Extension Cords – You may get to your dorm room and find you only have a few plus available to use. One may be behind your bed and really difficult to reach. Extension cords and even surge protectors are great for making sure all of your electronics are able to be plugged in.

7. Shower Caddy – Toting your bathroom supplies back and forth to the shower stalls may not be fun, but at least with a shower caddy, you’ll know you have everything you need. You can find these pretty much everywhere around back-to-school season, in all different colors and shapes, and for affordable prices.

8. Bins/Drawers – If your closet is too small or if you just need more storage space to store additional items, invest in plastic bins and drawers. A chest of three plastic drawers can double as a nightstand, while storing some of your extra clothes. You can also place bins under your bed (if you’ve invested in risers) to organize any clutter.

9. Laundry Hamper – Unless you’ve been in charge of doing your own laundry before, this may be an item you complete overlook. Buying a flexible laundry bag or hamper will help separate dirty clothes from clean ones, and keep the mess out of the way. Finding one with a durable strap will help you easily transport them to the laundry room. Don’t forget laundry detergent!

10. Lamps – Some dorm rooms are equipped with a lamp or too, but they’re generally small table lamps that don’t offer much room lighting. Buying one or two tall lamps, an additional table lamp, or a flexible necked lamp to place the light wherever you need it, will ensure you’re not left in the dark.